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At FLEUR DE RICHE, we want to ensure that we retain the trust of our clients. There are a plethora of shops selling counterfeit luxury items and we pride ourselves on not being one of them. All of our items are Authentic!

Most of FLEUR DE RICHE's items come straight from the brand represented. If in any event the item does not, we have verified authentication services that we use, aside from our in-house experts, to ensure that all of our items are AUTHENTIC!

Every item is reviewed and inspected to ensure that its details meet with the manufacturers' code of authenticity, and established standards of quality in: stamping, stitching, hardware, authenticity stamps, date codes, serial number (where presented), materials and craftsmanship.

We offer a lifetime return policy should any item we sell prove to be non-authentic. Because of this, every item is logged in our own systematic way to mitigate any fraud attempts.



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